Safety Dome conquers London.

The team at Safety Dome came to us with a great new product dedicated to protecting newborns and infants.

They had developed a collapsible net barrier that when placed over a child could protect it from everyday hazards such as small toys, poking children or household pets.  This was obviously of great interest to us at Paperjam, as any product that helps protect a new life is a worthy cause; we figured that such a product deserved a carefully crafted Brand and that all the extra time and work we put in to it would be worth the effort. 

We put our thinking caps on and before long we came up with a Brand that's not only unique but also a brand that will appeal to a international market. Along the way we were also able to advise on the product colours, make suggestions for packaging, direct a photography shoot for promotional material (thanks Chris!) and designed an exhibition stand for the product's launch at a Baby Show held at the Olympia in London. After all our hard work we sat back and awaited feedback from the show. Everyone was excited (and nervous!) about how it would be received however not only was the launch successful but Safety Dome went on to win the Best Product of Show award. Now the client just has to handle all the interest and orders they're currently receiving which is a great start for a new company. 


We like to think that we played a small part in their success!



The Product in action
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