What's a Design Story then?

Sometimes there can be a bit of confusion among viewers when faced with something new. Here's where we try to help.

We've found time and time again that a creative proposal presented without context can be misunderstood. We're even guilty of it ourselves; browsing the latest design blogs we grind to a halt, gawking at the latest rebrands that have our creative peers frothing at the mouth. For a while we allow ourselves to be unsettled by the change or 'the shock of the new' (to evoke Robert Hughes) before taking a breath and allowing the design some space to shine.

Most times it helps when you see design from the client's perspective.

That's why we've created this little section of our website. Weeks of hard work have gone into creating the logos you see nestling in our branding design section. Along the way there have been dead ends followed by eureka moments, confidence followed by scepticism, and most importantly choices decided on by taste. Also on display here will be a bit of thinking out loud - little conversations about design and the world around it.

We believe our design process is unique, and as these stories build up we hope you will see that coming through in our work.

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