Design Stories

A new section on the Paperjam website, 'Design Stories' allows us to create and share in-depth case studies and opinion pieces, giving our work and our process a wee space to shine.

We believe our design process is unique, and as these stories build up we hope you will see that coming through in our work.

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  • Rolltack

    Follow the journey so far with Rolltack ....

  • Belfast Children's Festival

    Belfast Children's Festival 2014 marketing campaign 

  • North bound Brewery

    Follow the journey so far with Northbound Brewery ....

  • Rolltack

    Paperjam help create a brand for innovative new equestrian manufacturer.

  • Cloudbuzz

    Paperjam create branding for new data intellegence company CloudBuzz.

  • FUN by Belle

    Paperjam name, brand and create website for FUN by Belle.

  • 13 Coins

    Paperjam create a responsive website for new comic "13 Coins" created by the screenwriters of Hitman: Absolution and acclaimed artist Simon Bisley.

  • Paperjam celebrates 10 years in business

  • Well Natured

    Paperjam create a name, brand and packaging for new bottled water social enterprise.

  • Capital Vision 2020

    Paperjam brands Capital Vision 2020, the Diocese of London's vision for the next seven years. 

  • North Bound Brewery

    Paperjam create new brand for local craft beer brewery Northbound.

  • University of Oxford

    The University of Oxford has launched The Margaret Thatcher Scholarship Fund 

  • Watch Branding

    Paperjam create a brand for the three partners setting up Watch | Portfolio Management

  • Naming & Branding of Bodify

    Paperjam name, brand and design packaging for new sports nutrition company.

  • Golden Popcorn

    Paperjam creates new packaging designs for leading popcorn company.


  • Little Wing

    Little Wing are a traditional pizza establishment serving Naples style pizzas by the slice.


    BRIEFED is a case management system specifically designed for barristers. 


  • Belfast Children's Festival 2013

    The Belfast Children’s Festival is run by Young at Art, a not for profit children's arts organisation. 

  • ROCO Online Magazine

    Paperjam were approached by Rachel Colton to produce a brand for her new online interiors magazine.

  • Chocolate Memories

    Creating luxury packaging on a limited budget... 


  • Beannchor Limited

    Beannchor Limited have been clients of Paperjam Design for over 9 years.

  • The Bishop of London

    How do you brand one of the oldest jobs in the U.K? 

  • The Diocese of London

    How do you create a brand for one of the oldest organisations in the U.K pre dating 314AD?

  • Safety Dome

    Paperjam brand Cover Me - a collapsible, easily transported, natural barrier designed to protect your baby.

  • Creating a Brand

    Without good branding, everything is an uphill struggle. 


  • Animal Health Food

    How Paperjam branded Animal Health Food and it’s varied range of products. 

  • The Belfast Children's Festival

    The Young at Art 2012 Belfast Children's Festival. 

  • It's all in the Name

    Showing some of our experience in developing original Names for companies, and the copy writing that brings them to life.

  • How we got to Ore

    We tell the story behind one of our favourite Naming & Brand Generation jobs.

  • Designing a brief

    For our latest Design Story David asks how you go about finding a great design team to work with?

  • What's a Design Story then?

    A window into our world, and an excuse to write for ourselves.